Sunday, January 22, 2012

So funny, so exciting!

Last week I had the pleasure of watching a bunch of 4-5 year-olds 
"play" basketball, including warm-ups, a dribbling game, and some shooting.
While Owen was in class, Gabby busied herself with my phone...
so busy...
What kinds of things will she know and be able to do 
that I never did at her tender age?
 I don't think it matters whether or not if your kid is in the class or on the t-ball team
because it is entertaining to watch such innocence and pure love of just having fun.
Owen is eager and loves his little classes.
I don't know why I taped them running the whole lap around the gym,
but I sure am glad I did.  
Watch the kid in yellow...
did you watch the whole thing?
Then laugh and watch it again???  :-)
I have...watched it and laughed a few times!
I'm sorry Owen, but I so love your eagerness!

 Guess Gabby will never be bored...
These would be her brothers sweatpants on her head...

Gramma and Grampa made another trip up to celebrate my birthday
and to celebrate Owen passing level 2 swimming lessons!
I got tile laid for my birthday and Owen got chocolate brownies.
Good times.

 We took them swimming so Owen could show them what he can do.

 Owen was even so brave to take on the slide for the first time!
He loved it and wanted to go again and again and again.
So proud.
 There are mandatory "safety" breaks so we had to sit out for a bit.
Owen was disappointed because he had to get off the slide.
But when it was time, he was back at it.
Gabby blew some bubbles.  Got to start with small goals.
Achievable.  :-)
 and chew on toys...
"I go pee in the water."
Grampa says, "what did she say?!"

No matter.  Cuddles will never be denied.
I think we effectively wore them and grammas and grampas!

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