Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kids keeping busy...

 On a day like this a plan needs to be formed...or really good pre-talk.
Owen woke up, got his hug, and I explained what happened.
No school today!
He's excited about the possibilities, but keeping him busy is sometimes a challenge.
Right now he is on the floor, under a mini-tramp, pushing it up, and yelling,
"MOM!  Look how strong I am!!!!!!!!!!"
 When Mom gets too busy doing her thing, 
Gabby likes to follow her around saying, "I want to hold you!"
Other times, she is able to find things to busy herself:
random toys, sit in a shoe box, play on  my cell phone-
playing "letters" or calling people then hanging up right away...
 When Owen gets busy, he is busy for hours though.
 He sits himself down in his "office," makes a big mess with papers,
and creates, draws, writes stories...
 This boy is in his own little world.  At times it is frustrating because he seems lost, he dawdles, he doesn't listen very well, he gets distracted...
But when he gets in that world of his,
with a pencil in hand...
 so many possibilities!

Things pinned (or stapled) to the wall,
papers strewn, cluttered "desk," and writing on the wall.
This looks kind of like his daddy's office...
I'm not saying I am the most organized, but at least I have piles!
And, I know what is in every pile!
Another thing a day home means...

Maybe I can start translating "mess" for "fun!"
or life...sigh

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