Friday, February 03, 2012

Sleepy heads...

 Sometimes the kids giggle for a bit before falling asleep.
A few times I found them snuggled together.
I learned awhile ago that if this happens,
I have to move Gabby to her own bed or she wakes up crying 
because Owen kicked her or pushed her off the bed.

 Owen lately has been calling himself a hedgehog and likes to bury himself beneath piles of blankets and stuffed animals.  Such a funny boy. Gabby, on the other hand, would rather to have nothing but her blankie close by.  She won't sleep with a doll, bear, toy...nuthin'.  She often wakes up with a cry and pushes the blankets off.  Funny girl.

Roger, my love, can sleep comfortably sitting, slouching, pillow or no pillow.  
He never complains of a crinked neck or sore back.  
How I wish I could feel that comfort!
We are trying to not watch TV every night so we've been reading a bit more.
I don't know how it really worked out for Rog.

I guess we've been getting more sleep too!  :-)

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MaryM said...

This happens when I try to read too. It IS a good way to get a nap.