Sunday, November 06, 2011

Our Little Trip

It was Two weeks ago already!
Blessings come in the form of so many things.
In this case, parents/grandparents and siblings.

We flew out Thursday and came back Sunday, but it was an amazing trip.
When we were planning out trip, Lori asked what we wanted to do.
I said, "relax, sit by the pool, go shopping, go out to eat, and maybe a movie...all the things we don't make time for at home."
Of course, Lori went above and beyond to make our "relaxing" vacation a good one.

We chilled and hung out the first night.  So nice...
Then we were treated to a steak dinner at Burn's.
The food was exquisite, the wine amazing,and the company delightful!
We got a tour of the largest private wine cellar in the nation...or was it the world?
I don't know if we got it clear enough for me to relay it correctly...
The part we saw was only 10% of the whole collection.
We were also treated to a hockey game!
So, I will confess I have not been a hockey fan because I could not follow the puck.
But this time?  I got it!
I love how could I not love hockey?
In addition, it moves quicker than soccer!  :-)
Everything about the presentation was really neat...
For the national anthem, the flag was passed around the stadium.

And, the goalie from the U.S. 1980 Olympic team was greeted, given a jersey, 
and was there to introduce the anthem.

It was our last night there and I really enjoyed it...but we were so tired.
Isn't it amazing how tired you can get while on vacation??  :-)
Lori and Matt are fantastic hosts!
We did miss our kids...
but were thankful they had loving grandparents to smother, care, hug, and kiss them while we were gone.
Thanks Lori for having us!
Thanks Gramma and Grampa for coming up and staying in our house...even when we were not here.
Thanks Granny Nanny and Poppa Steve for being the "bun" of our weekend!
(The first and last "shift")
Thank you Roger for loving me...and my family...

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The Canadian said...

Glad you have discovered the "joy of the game" of hockey, eh???!!! LOL