Sunday, October 16, 2011

Kindergarten dreams...

 A 5-year old does not worry about what others think...all the time.
Owen gets so frustrated if he makes a mistake while writing because
people won't know what he meant.
He kicks and screams and gets so angry.
Perfectionist? Or just 5?
When asked by his teacher what he hoped for Kindergarten...

"To See Snakes!"
His drawing is coming along so well!
Like I've said, Owen has never wanted to practice writing or drawing.
But now...He sits and practices his letters, asking us to spell things...

and draws rockets...
then draws more rockets...
and sometimes he asks us to cut them out...more rockets...
then this came home from school one day...
Two happy rockets and two sad?  Is anyone else thinking what I''m thinking?
Why am I still chuckling about this?
Does this really start this young?
To be honest, I think the rocket theme came when the Book Fair at his school had a similar theme:
"Out of This World"
Perhaps I should scan some of his alien pictures.  

On another topic...
Yesterday we took a hike down by the river.
Had a snack.
Looked for some bugs...
Just enjoyed the crisp, fall air.

Then today we had swimming lessons.

Okay...I was "one of those" parents last week.
When his teacher just sat there and splashed him a few times and threw toys at him, I complained.
I was nice...Owen was having fun, of course he was!  
But I want this kid to swim!
Actually, what was annoying was I knew he could do his bobs.
He's been practicing in the bathtub for two weeks!
I know my son isn't "gifted" in this it's not like I am delusional.
I just want him to show what he can do and try the next challenge.
(Wow, what a moment of accountability and reflection as I think about my own students!) was my "proud momma moment"!

Owen worked so hard and did it!

He got to ring the gong and have his name announced as he progressed to the next level!
For a kid who cried this summer because his teacher made him get his face wet,
and how he begged me to not take him again, 
HE IS DOING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now on to gliding!  I think he'll be at level 2 for awhile.

It sure takes a long time to run a marathon taking baby steps, 
but I am now realizing that is exactly what parenting is.
Baby steps through each stage, each lesson, each temper tantrum, each success, each frustration, each poop-in-the-pants-again day,  each demand, each cuddle, each apology to sister, each early morning, each night of broken sleep, each morning of I-can't-wait-to-see-my-mommy greetings at 5:55 a.m.

I will survive...and love that I got to join the race.
No prize.
No glory.
Probably No Thank-You...but it is all worth it, right?
God has a great sense of humor.

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MaryM said...

Great pictures, Rachel!
No prize, no glory...
But isn't it the best?

Congratulations to OWEN! Tell him that we are very proud of him.

Grandma and Grandpa