Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Precious... and Precocious?

My precious, beautiful, sweet baby girl...
She wakes me up but gives me hugs.
She makes a mess but will clean up a spill.
She bugs her brother but will say, "Sorry."
She lets me dress her, but she'd rather be naked.
"Naked Baby!" as she likes to dance around singing.
She loves her daddy but plays hard to get.
She may play shy, but yells, "Hi!" to the check-out lady at Target 
and says, "Good-bye, Friends!" when we leave daycare.
She holds me tight when I leave her with Carrie,
but she tells me to go away when I come to pick her up.
So what is her unique niche?

Lately it's her "signature."
I know when Gabby has been in a room because of her "signature."

Can you tell what it is?

A little loop-d-loop...sometimes with more than one loop.
Yes, on walls, on tables, on couches, 
on Owen's drawings (oh, this makes him mad!).
Does Momma get mad?
Can Momma get too mad?

What's more important?
As my mother often said when we were growing up:
I just can't have nice things.
That's ok.
I'll have nice things someday...maybe.
Maybe by the time I can have nice things, I won't want nice things anymore.
For now...I two of the most valuable, wonderful, beautiful...very nice things:
Owen and Gabby.

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MaryM said...

You got that right! Very precious indeed.