Tuesday, August 09, 2011


It was a relief to spend a night somewhere and have bit cooler weather. After two days of hot, difficult driving, 7,000 ft elevation was welcome!

This was one of the only campsites that did not have a pool,
but we were fine...so were the kids:
There was a tree fort...literally! The tree grew up right through it!

Swings, slide and a merry-go-round...

and...as Owen said, "it's better than a pool Mom!"...
a splash-pad!

We took a few walks/bike ride

mailed a few postcards...

and had fun with the locals...

Owen is always looking for the next adventure!

and that didn't stop when we got home...
if he sees a small patch of wooded area, he wants to go hiking.
If we played on the playground too long and did not have time to explore in the trails,
he gets overly dramatic and says I don't let him do anything!
When he gets mad at me lately,
(meaning, I say NO, or I can't give him what he wants now),
he says, "I'm never going to draw you another picture again!"
So...he knows how to hurt me.
I don't really buy it cuz he gave me a picture today.
He drew a picture of me when he was in church class today.
So he didn't follow directions, but at least he had fun!
And maybe he learned something?

Another thing I don't buy is when he says he doesn't want to do something that I know he loves to do. I had to not give in a few times to learn that it is good to not let him talk me out of things.
For example, he cried a few times about going to swimming lessons this summer.
But he enjoyed his time, was so proud when he was so brave, and improved so much that he is jumping, splashing, and showing off how he gets his face wet now.
He passed level 1!!!!! I am so proud!

I can't push him; I know.
As a mom, it has been frustrating seeing him not want to do something that I know he'll love to do and is so able to do...if he'd only try or work harder.
Like reading and riding a bike.
I know he could be reading and riding a bike.
But I can't push him.
He's 5.
I give him opportunities, yes.
But I won't push.
You see, the expression on his face when he finally chooses to do something
and he knows he did it all by himself, is priceless!
He's smart and he wants to please, but I can't push.
I won't let him talk me out of swimming, reading, or riding a bike, no.
But I won't push...soon enough, right?
When will he stop wearing pajamas?
That's a whole other post!
:-) I smile...

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