Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Grand Canyon...and route to get there!

So after we left Cousin Jimmy (the "real, live cowboy!"), we headed towards our next "destination." We wanted to see The Grand Canyon!
And, if Gramma Mimi was going to see any of The Grand Canyon, she had to see the Colorado River that cuts right through it.
We knew that our next campsite after Wickenberg was going to be at elevation 7,000 ft, so I don't know why it didn't occur to us that we would be doing mountain driving, or something like it.
Switch-backs and narrow roads curving up and up and up.
This is looking back the way we came:
We stopped at the visitor center and got our pass to enter the park
("yeah!" for Senior Passes again!).
We got to read some stories and see what the whole thing looks like:

This is an old "raft" that was used to float, glide, bump along the Colorado River...
If I ever do a trip down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon,
I think I will ask for a newer raft than this! :-)

Let me tell you...it is really tough "jumping lanes" with a 34 ft 5th wheel on your big diesel truck!

I am continuing to see that my little boy is an observer.
He watches to see what other kids are going to do before he starts in.
He sits and stares at circus performers with very little excitement before he wiggles with enthusiasm at the idea of what is going on around him.
He watches, stares, takes it all in...then asks a million questions and retells the stories of all his amazing experiences for days, months, and now years later (the ones he recalls). That is why pictures are so important: Owen loves to talk about what has already happened!

So as we were on the lip of the south edge of The Grand Canyon,
he sits...watches...takes it all in.
(as Gabby is climbing and doing "tricks")
I often wonder what he's thinking!

Shortly after the above photos...Owen fell asleep.
Perhaps that was the real reason for his "deep thought."
:-) perhaps one day he'll tell me...

So we drove a bit further and found another look-out with a tower.
We still had not seen the Colorado River, so we had to make this stop.
Is that it?...
Somebody was eager to get a closer look!...

There it is!

Gabby was tearing around the look-out, but I was able to get a shot of her taking it all in too!

Because Owen was asleep in the truck, Grampa and Dad took turns taking in the sights.

It's one of those sights that you can't be too old or too young to appreciate.
Some take a look and say, "Yep, I saw it. Neat."
Others say, "I've got to come back someday and do the hike!"
I think I'll go back!

Who will come with me????

**Our next stop: Flagstaff, AZ...a break from the heat was nice!

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