Friday, May 13, 2011

Thank you Jesus!

Easter Sunday at this point is quite a blur...
May is going by so fast!
I know that we were not able to go to church that day,
but we had wonderful celebrations together and with family.

a twirly blur...

brotherly/sisterly love...I so want them to be friends forever!

and a proud moment...
Owen didn't wear pajamas!

Easter is the recognition of Jesus' death and celebration of His resurrection,
but we need to remember that everyday.

I am so thankful for my church for showing me new things about the Easter story...

Jesus was a ferocious servant. His final act of servitude: crucifixion.
When Peter denied Christ the third time, Peter wept bitterly.
But this was after a look from Jesus.
The look was not of resentment, denial, or disappointment.
It was a look of understanding. Jesus knew he'd do this.
Jesus knew each time I would deny Him.
He still died...He still loves.

When my children fail to obey, love, or so the right thing,
how do I look at them?
Do they know I love them regardless?...

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