Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Taking a moment to appreciate the little things that make me smile!
A few "lately" stories that I want to remember forever:

When she wakes up, the first thing she says (other than, "momma!") is, "Owie? Daddy?"
"Owie? Owie?"
(that's how she says her brother's name...
not responding to being hurt, in case you were confused)

I pick her up from daycare on Tuesday and Wednesday and she asks,
"Owie? Daddy? Home? Pizza?"
Yep, she knows what she wants.
I have come to the horrible realization that I have taken 1/2 the amount of pictures of her than were taken of Owen. I cannot believe the number of photos I have of him...

I am so proud of him-he is starting to get breakfast for himself because I tell him he can't wake anyone up until a certain time (depending on the day). Even though most mornings he wakes up singing, I don't want to be woken up before 6 on Saturday morning! :-)

The other morning he did it all by himself and he came to show me how he had put peanut butter on his bread all by himself...good thing I was just crawling out of bed.
Another time I heard a plate drop and Owen say, "oh!"
It was a new loaf and he couldn't get the inside packaging open.
He tip-toed to my door, pushed it open, and whispered,
"uh, I need help."
Another time I woke up to Owen in the bathroom saying,
"oh, that's just great!"
I still have no idea what happened in there...

The other night I heard Roger getting frustrated with Owen.
Something about "taking a bath."
I go down the hall to find Owen giving himself a "bath" with his toothbrush.
He's getting it wet and brushing his body...
Yes, I can see why Roger was frustrated...and disgusted.
But I couldn't help laughing.
Man, the things I NEVER want to forget.

Like the time Owen was running around the house in just a neck warmer.
What a picture! (No, I didn't take that one with the camera!)
I recently was thinking about when I am going to allow Gabby to wear make-up and hoop earrings...definitely not this young! :-)For now, each morning (and sometimes at night) she asks me to do her hair: she gets her stool, sets it next to me in the bathroom, pulls out her comb and hair bands...I can never deny her that one little request
(or ANY request, for that matter...she is so precious!)

Gabby has a way of making everything fun.
One time at Applebee's she was dancing along with the music-
she won't sit in a highchair or a booster seat so she stands in the booth next to me.
The next day she decided to dance on her chair at breakfast...but there was no music.
I had to smile.
Owen walks through a room and it explodes...not literally, but he leaves a path...mess after mess after mess.
Gabby, on the other hand, straightens and picks things up.
She even lays down her diaper just so and straightens my shoes on the mat by the door.

Owen caught on to mealtime prayers quickly. To this day, Gabby has not stopped eating for ten seconds while we thanked God for the blessings of our day and for the food.
BUT...at the end of every book she says, "AMEN!"
Oh, she'll catch on...eventually...hey?
(like the leg-warmers? Gramma Mimi made those for her! I gave her the idea of how to use of the rest of some old yarn...cute, hey?)

Last week when I picked Owen up from a playdate I could tell he was so tired
(no nap and late night day before).
His friend offered him a snack,
but I said we could get something at home if Owen was still hungry

(they had just had ice cream and I didn't think fruit snacks were the best option)

We got in the car and Owen said, "I AM hungry."
"ok, honey"
He proceeded to tell me that if I did not give him something to eat, he would be very crabby.
"ok, honey"
He then told me that he was going to count to 5 and I'd better give him something.
"ok, honey"
You see, the few minutes before he falls asleep in the car, he tends to ramble, yell, complain, and whine about everything under the sun. It used to make me mad
(it still bothers me, but now I know what is happening),
Now I just wait and watch for him to fall asleep.
Yep, 5 minutes into the drive: fast asleep.
I carried him to his bed and in his sleep he proceeded to tell me,
"I want something!"

(Are you giggling MB?)
Oh, the stories are endless so I will save more for another day!

(**reminder to myself: I laughed while writing this and laughed while reading it again...)


The Melendez family said...

I am giggling...even with a tear in my eye. I miss you and my little "punkin" pants even though he's all growed up! I especially loved the one...yeah,all of them, I loved this blog. It was all great. I always want to remember too. Who loves you?

MaryM said...

"I neeeeeed some thing!!!!"
"I neeeeeed some body!!"
I am going to count to 5 and you better bring my grandchildren here to visit!