Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Snow to Spring...maybe?

Spring Break is upon us...and so is nicer weather!
Before the sun started to warm things up and before the snow started to melt,
Owen and I got to go on a few "dragon hunts" (that's a whole new post!!),
make forts in the snowy trees,
and then teach Gabby all about making forts in the living room...

We used all the cushions, the footrest, all the furniture and as many blankets and sheets that we could find. Even Mom fit under there with her coffee! :-)

So this was a whole 10 minutes of fun because the kids were desperate to go outside...
We tried...we really did! It ended up being really cold and the wind had blown loose snow over the driveway...when will it end???
I am not so cooped up, but having a 4 and 2 year old who need a world to explore...
I am eager for spring.
So, what happened today? :-)
A teeny tiny Melt-down ...
I am aware that March and April can still bring a blanket of snow,
but today we drew with chalk on the driveway and found some old toys that were buried in the snow last fall!

Literally buried! I remember putting them on the stairs to clean up and bring inside before the snowfall. How did they not get brought in?
These past two years, I can say that once the snow fell, earlier than anticipated,
it stayed until spring.
Please don't judge me for not putting clothes on him...
He's "thick"...he'll be alright.
At least he remembered a hat!


Catie said...

I just love this kid.

MaryM said...

I love this kid too! I love his thickness. I love his smile. I love his hands! That's my boy.