Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Climbing "Mountains" and "Dragon" hunts

The snow is quickly melting outside so I had to get these promised photos up.
Before the last big melt (followed up by another big snowstorm)
I took Owen out to climb mountains and hunt dragons:
The "mountains" are really the huge (gi-normous, as Owen likes to quote from Elf)
piles of snow from the parking lot near our home.
Literally the most fun "butt slides" I've ever made.
(A "butt slide" is when you make a path without a sled
and keep going down it to make the path compact and really fast!)

This picture I took of Owen at the top and I was sitting at the bottom to show how big this pile really is...If it were daylight, you'd see the tops of trees that are nearly buried under these snow piles.

I taught Owen how to clear pine branches for good climbing and nesting inside its cover.
He loved having a place to hide from the "dragons."
I still have no idea what these are or where they came from but he warns me when he sees one coming. He says this is the look he makes when he is surprised by one...

Sometimes it got cold out there, but how could I tell him no?
We knew it was time to go in when the sky was dark...
at least in the winter we can follow that rule. :-)

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