Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The week before Christmas we had parent/teacher conferences.
While driving there, I kept saying to myself, "I'm a parent."
I still can't believe it.
Four and half years later. I still can't believe it.
I remember when Owen was a tiny baby. He was sooooo cute, and little, and funny.
I didn't want him to get bigger.
But then he got bigger...and more cute...and more fun.
Things that were difficult then...have become easier.
Things he struggled for and cried about...he has outgrown or learned how to handle it.
Things that made him mad before don't make him mad now.
He doesn't get as frustrated with us because he can communicate better...
and continues to learn ways to deal, cope, communicate...all that stuff that comes with

His preschool teacher said wonderful things:
"He never gets too loud."
oh, yeah? you should see him at home!
"He eats all his vegetables!"
That's because he is always hungry
and if he ate anything else as much as he eats vegetables, he'd be 100 pounds!
"I love his hands."
I know...those meaty little things are easy to love ;-)
"He does what he's asked,"
"He's a nice boy,"
"He gets along with others (although he tends to tattle),"...I was such a proud momma that night. I remember waking up the next day being so proud of my little boy. I'll say it again: the challenges we've had make the road ahead just a bit more paved. Owen needs our attention...a lot of it. I can do that!

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MaryM said...

It has been a lot of work, but you have done a wonderful job! We are proud to be the grandparents!