Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why does this NOT happen on a school day????
It is Saturday,
two weeks 'til Christmas,
8 more work days before winter break,
and 8-12 inches are expected today...2 pm and the snow is still falling...
We had planned to make cookies this morning
so it was a good thing the dough was already chilled!

Grampa would be proud that Owen is already learning
to perfect his dough-rolling skills!
Yes, that is chocolate on Owen's face...admit it:
You "taste-test" too!

Gabby didn't really get the whole making-cookies thing,
but she liked playing in the flour!
You'd never guess our end-product could be so pretty! :-)
Well...we think so!

"Mom, what now?"
back-up plan is always:
"make a fort!"

This time they figured out how to climb on top of the fort instead of under it!
I can't wait to build one in the snow piles made by the plow guy who dug us out!

Our craft-drawer also has been dug through!
We traced snow-flakes, colored gingerbread men & Christmas trees, and cut coffee filters to make snowflake decorations for Gabby's party next week...
I love staying in !
However, it is only 2 in the afternoon...
how will we fill the rest of today's hours?????

wrap presents?
make more cookies?
chocolate covered toffee?????
have monster truck rally?
or car races on the kitchen floor?

I asked Rog to pick up some egg nog...hmmmmmm

Yes, Rog gets stir crazy so he "risked his life" to go get some groceries. He was volunteered to make dinner tonight...he chose a pork roast in the crockpot!
How did I ever take him for granted before?

He just made it back! Yeah!
And, he told me the new forecast calls for 12-15 inches of snow!

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MaryM said...

I am sure you will continue to come up with ideas to keep the little ones busy and having fun! (You are a teacher after all!) Thanks for sharing the pictures... too bad we didn't get as much of the snow...