Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where: our house!
When: Christmas morning
Who: our little family and Gramma Mimi!
What: Owen waiting until he heard Roger get up, then stocking being ripped open, "Owen, wait for Gramma!"...scavenger hunt for presents from "Santa"...ok, I'll go get Gramma...she's awake!, breakfast of caramel rolls, eggs, toast, apple dish, and grapefruit, presents under the tree!

How exciting to have a four-year old! :-)

Gabby slept until after 8 in the morning so she definitely doesn't "get it" yet, but owen sure was excited!
Gabby was excited to show Gramma her new markers though!
So many wonderful, thoughtful gifts from family too far to join us this morning.
We were happy to talk to everyone that day and to be able to Skype with cousin Elodie.
Gabby was responsible: she put her money in her new piggy bank right away!
(thanks, Auntie Emmy!)
I don't know who had more fun: the four-year old or Daddy?
I will say that Daddy was up late the next two nights playing Wii,
thanks to another wonderful "elf"!
Our kitchen floor becomes the greatest puzzle spot...Owen likes to spread out!
I don't mind stepping over him...or the pieces!
Thanks Gramma and Grampa!
By lunch time we were headed to Christmas celebration #4 so we had to get Gabby into the jumper and Owen into the sweater that they'd gotten from Cousin Skotty...
Was it noticeable in any of these pictures that Owen gave himself a haircut?
Yep...I didn't even get is a memory I want to have for ever:
the Christmas that Owen cut his own hair with his little green scissors.
When I did take them away, he cried and yelled and screamed.
When I said that I couldn't wait to see his haircut in these pictures,
he yelled, "You are really, really mean! I don't like you!"
Yes, that made me sad, but I know that is not the last time he will ever say that to me...
oh, the times to come!

Once it was on, Gabby didn't mind her dress. Owen kept saying, "but I don't want to take a picture! Can I just wear Spiderman?"
This is a battle I am not willing to fight...
Yes, he wears pajamas nearly all the time.
Except for when we are at home...then it's just underwear.
You know what? We all say, "gee, I wish I could wear sweats" or "I just want to wear my pj's to work today..."
As a teacher, I get that random spirit day, but I guess it is not a battle worth fighting with a four-year old. He will care about what he looks like for plenty of years of his life...why start now!

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