Monday, May 03, 2010

What are the factors of a long life?
We don't get to choose the Family we are born into...
What is love anyway? How old are we when we actually understand who we really love?
when such a little girl acts like such a big girl, why is it so refreshing...and silly at times?
My gramma just informed me that they didn't have pacifiers when she had her 5 kids.
So, are they a blessing?...ask any parent whose child never took it...
(owen didn't, gabby does (obviously) it!...ask me in a year if it is still a blessing)
Affection? Happiness?
Do we have to be happy to live long?

What are the factors of a long life? ? ? ? warmth of a pink fuzzy blanket? a boy making silly faces?
being special...even if that means just being born a boy into a family of all girls...blessing are around every corner!
the things we are taught...Auntie Lori would be proud!

I do have more to say, but the day is calling me...will write more later of these blessings...
and perhaps I will share a burden or two...

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MaryM said...

Factors of a Long Life: You named the important ones! Family, loving home, laughter, smiles...Growing up surrounded by these very things.
I thought of a few more! Satisfying work. Active lifestyle. Plenty of vegetables. Good, long friendships. Red wine. A purpose for living. A strong Faith in God. (not necessarily in that order!)