Saturday, October 28, 2006

Whew! Another week goes by! Mama is smilin' so big in this picture because the night before, October 25 at 7:54, Owen rolled all the way over his chubby little arm-all by himself! He happened to be butt-naked and bein' a little squirmy wormy. I was talking Jenn on the phone and Owen, very slowly and deliberately, leaned on his arm and rolled onto his little belly. Okay, onto his big belly! :-) He got his arms up and under himself and wiggled like that for a while. He's been all smiles since then even though I have not seen him do it on his own again. Soon enough!


South American Sara said...

AHHHH!! Milestones. They are so exciting. You both also look fairly rested in this picture and if I remember correctly from these times with a new baby, rest is little and far between! Congrats on seemingly two accomplishments. Much love, Sara

MaryM said...

You look rested, AND so pretty in pink! Owee looks adorable as always! Can't wait to see him and squeeze him again.
Gramma Mama