Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This morning I caught Owen sleeping. He is such a good morning baby...he rarely cries in the morning and sometimes I find him like this. I had to put a 6-9 month sleeper on him because he is growing so fast...and peeing through his diaper and dirtying his 3-6 month sleepers. :-)
Precious moments...
Gr-Auntie Paula stopped by to see Owen and our house yesterday afternoon. She got the tour and also played with little "O". She thought tummy time was very entertaining! She must have a great life to be able to just drive up to see her mom for a day. We won't complain! It is always great to see her! As usual, she seems happy and healthy inside and out!
Tribute to Gramma Mimi...and a note about TAZ!
Tonight was a long night...for us all. Great Gramma Mimi came over at 4 and babysat little Owen while "mom" and "dad" both were at school. She doesn't have to do it, but she never complains. If Owen fusses, she just says, "babies cry...that's what they do." But it is the smiles that Owen gives her that brings her back every time! I gave her a big hug, but that doesn't feel like it is enough. I hope she knows we appreciate her.
We heard from gramma and grampa about Taz today. Taz has apparently won the battle against his bed: he dug a hole while making his "nest" and decided to pull out the stuffing. Grampa Phil was too quick though! They shoved the stuffing back in and safety pinned it closed! Nice try Tazzy! We miss him, but know he is having a ball! Grampa says he is being a good boy...as a matter of fact...when grampa said, "drop it!" Taz dropped the chunk of manure he had in his mouth! What a good boy!


Seeker said...

What a cutie patootie... sleeping like a baby. I'm coming to meet Owee soon. Can't let Grantie Paula have all the fun. G-gma Mimi is the best, isn't she?!
By the way, there haven't been any horses at Larsen Acres for years.... I always knew they had a lifetime supply of manure, though.

Grantie Paula said...

Yes, I have to confess that I have a wonderful life, which includes the interesting arrangement of Monday being my day off. When I can get away right after church that gives me a day and a half to play. This time I added Tuesday just in order to spend more time with GmaMimi AND to play with Owen. I love the little grunty noises he makes when he's on his tummy -- push up's are good strengthening exercises!

MaryM said...

If Seeker is looking for manure there is a LOT of fresh stuff at the Larsen farm again. Two horses have been boarding there and they each produce at least 8 dumps per day.