Saturday, October 07, 2006

This last week has been exhausting and we have two very exhausting weeks ahead!
It all started with a great family reunion in Wisconsin with all the sisters last weekend! MB, Gramma Mimi, three dogs, a baby and I headed there Friday and came back Sunday night. We had a good time, but we missed Roger who was left at home so he could attend the funeral of a good friend. Amazing that we have good times and sad times at the same time in our lives. Blessings with tragedies... Taz made the trip with us, but I was sad and relieved to have him stay with gramma and grampa for awhile in Wisconsin. This past week has been quite different without him and I miss him terribly. But, I know for a fact that he is loved and well-taken care of. He has the yard to run and play in and has two people who will be there for him. Once again, sad times and good times happening at the same time!

I AM SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING SOONER! We are more rested since the both of us fell back asleep this morning and slept 'til 8. I'll take that! Any sleep is good when you get to wake up on your own and not to an "alarm" (of any sort!).

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