Saturday, October 21, 2006

"Even Saturday's are early morings for us at the Reger house! We do sleep great when we get adjusted by Auntie Emmy and wear our fuzzy dinosaur PJ's! We are still getting over our cold, but I think it's on the upswing! Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil are here this weekend and we are so excited to get lots of hugs and kisses. Mom put me on the dining room table this morning for these great pix. Hangin' out...content...Grauntie Paula! We're working out on my tummy! And...other exciting news? hands are so fun to play with! I can hold them together, wiggle my fingers, and then...stick them in my mouth!"

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Emmy said...

I can't even believe that face. FAvorite so far. I NEED this one for my desk. I"ve looked at it everyday this week. Isn't MY nephew precious??? I love you too rAchie peeps!