Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Two weeks old--we know he is a good eater...
We had a two week check up at the doctor yesterday. Owen is now eight pounds, 5 ounces--and he grew 1 1/2 inches! This little boy,...who keeps me up at night, can't tell me when he's unhappy, and insists on eating 'til he spits up... makes me smile. I believe that is what is truly amazing about a mother's love. I know this cute little boy will grow up to be a 2 year old, a 14 year old, and maybe worse...a 17 year old! But no matter what attitude or argument he gives me, I believe God grants a mother so much love to overcome even the toughest moments. His grace is sufficient!
After the doctor appointment we got gutsy! We stopped at County Market to pick up some coleslaw for dinner and I go this great photo of Owen in the shopping cart...helping with the bags? No so much. :-) And then, Auntie Emmy came over with the "cousins". Sash insisted on sitting right on me to get a good look at Owen...unless she was feeling jealous and wanted attention too.! heehee

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