Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Life doesn't only grow when it is created, but life should continue to be a growing experience. With life there is constant hope for growth, for without growth, life doesn't seem to have purpose or may not have a future. For nine months (or 10, but who's counting??) life grew inside me. God breathed and granted this little one a future from the womb to come to us so healthy and beautiful-yes, little boys can be called beautiful! Every breath, every move, every expression we watch so closely. The way he holds his hands over his head to sleep and the way he wiggles when he's awake keep us entertained for hours. My sore back and neck (from gazing down at my little wiggly worm) are worth the sight! We love it when we can see his big blue eyes open wide as they search the face of the one who holds him. We are blessed so far to have such a content little bundle and pray for the patience for future fuss sessions. We wonder how long he will have his dark head of hair, since both of his parents were blonde-haired, blue-eyed youngsters. When we wonder who he looks like, we shrug and say 50/50. However, the eyes have to be from Roger and the nose has to be a Rachel contribution. There is no doubt who the long arms came from: Grampa!
Love is an amazing thing--God's grace in our lives is so evident everyday!


MaryM said...

What a beautiful start to your blog/journal!

Emmy said...

I love you Peeps, and of course, he IS the most beautiful little boy!

Seeker said...

Hi Momma Rachel,
I'll be checking in often. Congratulations and God bless.