Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Dear Gramma...
It has been a day since you have seen me, Grandma Mama, so we wanted to show you what I look like now and what I've been doing! I sat in my bouncy chair, Taz sniffed me lots today, Mom propped me up for a couple photos, I peed on myself...again, and geez, I slept a lot! Oh, yeah, we went for a walk today again and Taz led the way. He kind of pulls us around the block. We had some family time when Dad got home, and then Stella's came over to see me--I slept the entire time! Mom's pretty tired so she is going to take a nap before bedtime...heehee, I sure do throw her sleep schedule off! But that's okay, right? All for love, hmmmmm!

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