Thursday, June 22, 2006

"Baby in bue..." and time with daddy!
Both gramma mama and granny nanny told me I look good in blue...just like my daddy! So, it is a good thing that many of my things are blue! My blue eyes match my daddy's. He was the first to make me sleep and to smile--I know his voice and the beat of his heart. He loves to hold me and misses me so much when he has to go to work. But, he takes every moment he can to hold me and tell me he loves me and to sing to me too. Last time he tried to change my diaper, though, I peed all over myself. I think I scared him off! :-)


MaryM said...

Awwwwwww, he's so cute and sweet!
I like the middle "touchdown" picture. Gotta get that kid a Packer outfit AND a Badger outfit, though!
(Right, Rog?)

MaryM said...

What a cute and sweet baby boy! I like the "touchdown" picture in the middle; but we need to get the boy a Packer or Badger outfit! (Right, Rog?)