Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sibling fun!

I somehow came to the conclusion that it is incredibly 
important to me that my children are good friends with one another.
I know they are going to fight.
I know they'll get annoyed with one another.
I know they will make each other cry...
I also want them to protect one another,
to embrace one another,
to giggle with one another,
to tell each other secrets...
to try new things with one another,
to build things together,
to go places with each other,
to help one another...
to carry one another,
to dream together,
to make big messes together...
to have adventures,
to create,
to hide,
to imagine...
to walk, bike, or drive...
I used to regret that we did not have neighbors close by for my kids to play with...
but now I realize how much it forced Owen and Gabby to choose one another.
And now, they both choose Liam as well!

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