Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Preschool is done!

I just found this post that I'd begun last SEPTEMBER!
Wow! People are not lying that when #3 comes along, 
you really are outnumbered!
I do not get things done as efficiently or timely anymore.
sigh...oh well.
(Today I had the glorious opportunity to eat 
without anyone really needing me for about 15 mintues!)

The post I'd found was Gabby's first day of preschool:
Oh how she loved preschool!
She'd ask every night if it was preschool day when she woke.
She is so excited to have school EVERYDAY for Kindergarten!
It worked out so perfectly for Gabby 
to do morning preschool with Logan...

God has really blessed us with my ability and desire to 
work part time for the past three years.
I was able to get my first two kids off to school nearly 
everyday for these years without missing the morning time at all!
I am excited for our journey we are on...
I will continue to be there for my kids each morning.
To get them dressed, fed, and safely off to school...
And be home with this little guy too!
I don't know how long it will last 
or if I will be able to see him off to school or not.
I cried when I packed up and left my classroom.
I cried when I said good-bye to my students.
I know God's called me to teach, but now I don't know in what capacity it will look like.
Maybe a classroom again soon.
Maybe tutoring.
Maybe writing...
We'll see!
"God bless me and expand my territory..."
This world is not my home and my life is to be lived for 
something MUCH greater than my own selfish desires.

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