Wednesday, July 02, 2014


One of the most fun parts of watching my kids grow 
is watching them gain the confidence to perform.
Gabby is my song and dance girl...
Owen used to cry when anyone would watch him do anything...
But when he feels safe...
He let's it go!
And then, when he gets to get an award on the stage...
I don't even think Gabby knows what she did to get this ribbon,
but she sure loved going up on stage to get it!
For the spring musical, Gabby found out she would wear a costume!
She was so excited, but I neglected to tell her that, sometimes,
a costume is something other than a princess...
When she found out she would have to wear this...
she cried.
But she got over it because so many people said how darling she looked!
And then...
at the performance...
my natural born performer:
Liam even tried to run up on stage!
He is my ham!
He is my little entertainer.
I think he realized he was funny by 12 months of age!
I know that someday I will be so mad,
trying to yell and discipline him...
and he will find a way to make me laugh.

What else can I do?
Will he ever learn?
I learned my lesson with the two previous performances,
so Liam was not allowed to come watch Brother
sing in his 2nd grade musical at school.
Too cute to see Owen so confident now.
I'd almost say he loves it!
second row, red shirt...blurry!
Maybe, just maybe, someday I will see them performing together!

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