Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy birthday!!

Gramma Mae turned 95 so we celebrated...
of course!  :-)
She loves having this kids around,
she LOVES babies too!
Liam lets her hold and tickle him...
And it's also fun to hang with cousins!
Gabby and Sadie are two peas in a pod!
I'm keeping this photo for when they are 16 
and driving away in their own cars!
I told Gabby I wanted to see her teeth...
I laughed (Sadie...)!  Goof ball!

P.S. A day or two after this party Gramma Mae went to live in a nursing home.
She's been sick, has fallen, and is not safe on her own so many hours of the day.
We will be sure to visit as often as possible.

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