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Liam-One month & growing!

December 4th, 2012
 5:06 a.m.
Liam Michael Reger was born!
Definitely not the way we "planned," but wonderful regardless.
He was already 41 weeks ripe but breech.  We found out by ultrasound just 12 hours before his actual birth that he was feet first.  This was news to me because he had been head down until this appointment.  For two weeks I had been trying to get labor to progress, but of course, "when the apple is ripe, it will fall."  So, when I found out he was breech, I did not want labor to begin.  But, of course, it did.  By  2:30 in the morning I realized this was going to be it.  I had been prepared about the possible scenarios of what would happen if he had not turned.  Either way, I had already prepared an appointment with the chiropractor, acupuncturist, Chinese medicine Dr., and an MD to try everything to get him to turn so he could be born "normally."  I did not make any of those appointments because another ultrasound at 4 in the morning revealed my little boy was TWO feet down and his head was in the traverse position.  Like I said, I'm glad I was prepared and knew what was about to happen.  My contractions were already 3-5 minutes apart, I was 95% effaced and dilated to a 6 or 7, so the operating team (already assembled) got me ready and our little boy made his appearance.
Because it was not part of my plan to go to a hospital, I was sent by the midwife to the Dr's she works with in these cases.  So, Roger got me to Hudson, WI (normally a 50 minute drive) in 35 minutes.
Of course I was tired but couldn't sleep...or didn't want to, but Roger took a minute to close his eyes.
Nanny couldn't wait too long to meet the little guy, 
so she brought the kids down to meet their brother.
Owen has shown no animosity or resentment at all.
Gabby is a bit questionable...
She's still the little princess, but she is not the little one anymore.

One other surprise visitor was Gramma Mimi!
So happy to welcome yet another "descendent"...

Gramma and Grampa couldn't stay away either!
They drove up Wednesday night, stayed at a hotel nearby, and spent some time with us.

They brought a gift made by a friend--a blankie just like Owen and Gabby's! I asked for it...literally.  :-)
The little guy slept quite a bit, but it made his daddy smile 
when he opened his eyes for a bit.

I couldn't get enough of him...
The only time I let the nurses take him was when I finally took a shower and they needed to take his vitals.  They let him just sleep on me for the 4 days I was there.  What a blessing!
I doubt that would have been so peaceful had I been home right away like planned.

The nurses loved his dark hair and did fight to be the one to hold him when I called for help.
Finally home and kids just wanted to hold him...

Wonderful sleeper!

Gabby just wanted to hold him this.
Another visit from Mimi...
Mimi even came to St. Paul with us when I had an appointment.
She was the baby-holder while I met with the midwife.
Whatever?  Ahhhh
Wide eyes...he looks even more "Reger" than Owen did.
We started calling him "Little Steve"

Speaking of...Little Liam's first trip out of the house 
was a Sunday to watch some football with Poppa Steve.

He got all dressed up and cute...
Then he very quickly grew out of this outfit.
I smile...sigh.
Something about Poppa Steve is just right for a lazy day watching football.

Christmas came and went like a blur.
My house was a disaster before it "happened,"
but, in the wake of our family's generosity, 
there was plenty for the kids to play with and make even more of a mess.
No worries...
Gramma Momma was there to TRY to pick up after the kids...
I tried to tell her not to do it the ENTIRE time she was  here,
but she's likes to stay busy...I guess.
Thanks, Mom, for all the help.
Very much appreciated!!
Gramma Momma and Taz had some fun with post-bath, fluffy head.
First trip to Church!
had to bundle was COLD!
First trip to the chiropractor.
So relaxed...did not fuss one bit!
What hands she must have!
I was talking to Gramma Mimi one day when Liam got a bit fussy.
She said, "and I suppose you wouldn't dare put him on his belly."
I gave it a try.
He conked out in 30 seconds.
Now don't judge--I do put him "back to sleep" normally,
but this time I was awake and with him the whole time he was not on his back.
OK?  :-)
And he's strong enough to move his head from side to side...

One day, as I was sitting in my "perch" (attempting to just STOP doing so I could heal),
and watching NCIS re-runs on cable,
I took this picture of my "view."
So frustrated that I couldn't clean...
but then I looked and saw this "view."
Cleaning would happen in it's own time!

And it did...YESTERDAY!  
I feel much better...body and mind!
Another blessing's just begun...a life-long journey and adventure!

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Jeanne Wright said...

Congrats!!!!! Sooo exciting to have a new baby around!!! Wish we could come give him a giant hug!! Thinkin' about ya and love you all!