Sunday, January 06, 2013

Go Pack Go!

 So...there's this rivalry.  
Not just a Packer/Viking thing...
It's between Roger and Owen.
I don't know how, but I got myself a little die-hard
Packer Fan!  :-)

 So, when the Vikings beat the Packers in MN a week ago,
Roger thought about it for a day or two before
having "the talk" with me.
You see, I had gotten him a really nice, thoughtful gift
for our anniversary and Christmas in one because I missed both.
I ordered it online and so Roger knew what I'd spent.
 He had no idea what I had gotten him, but I had told him
he'd love it but was not expecting it.
You see, Roger is easy to please if you get him food or clothes...or a gift card for either.
But...I guess I didn't do well enough.  
"The Talk" was his request to return whatever I'd gotten him
(he still had no idea...),
and he asked if he could get tickets off Stubhub for him and Owen
to go to the game in Green Bay.
I said yes.
He called Uncle Mark; got a place to stay and a ride to the game from Appleton.
He went on Stubhub, found tickets...they ended up being in the same section as Uncle Mark!
My little boy LOVED it!  He watched the whole game, got a few drunk high-fives (but he just thought they were crazy fans:-), and stayed awake until the drive back to Appleton...after 11!
What an experience!
I'll return the other gift this week...

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Tonya said...

What a fun experience for the two boys!