Sunday, November 11, 2012

Another Milestone!

For parents who have children who dip their heads under water,
or dive in without fear,
they/you don't know what this feels like:
watching a little one do this with their own free will!

Gabby has been unpredictable...
this past summer, dipping her face in by herself,
trying to swim on her own...
and then screaming a week ago at swimming lessons.
Then this week...she passes!

She actually was not too happy about it.
She cried about going on to Level Two.
She clung to me and would not go back in the water...
The plan for next week is to have her do Level Two skills 
at the Level One station.
We'll talk it up and see if Gramma Momma 
or someone can take her swimming soon!
I would if I could find a swim suit that fit over my gigantic belly!
Maybe we'll have a baby by next class...

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