Saturday, November 03, 2012

After recent update...

 I figured I should catch up on a bit more!
A new baby should be here in the next few weeks
(37 weeks/full term tomorrow!)
and so, we need to make sure everything is set...

 Cold weather is now settling in so these are photos of Owen and the fun he had with the hose and a mud puddle just before he had to start wearing a sweatshirt and I shut off the water to the outside.
 Our yard became one of those yards.
One of those yards I said I'd never have.
One of those yards with evidence of children looking for an adventure!
One of those yards with misc. toys, bottles, containers, ropes tied to trees,
and whatever else was used in Owen's imagination games!
 Before the weather turned cold and the leaves had fallen,
we had also taken a trip to WI.
 There were tea parties to be had,

 fun games with Brother/Sister to be had,
 adventures with Gramma Mimi to be had,
 pipes to be climbed in,
 streams to be explored,
 tricks to make daddy nervous with,
 paths to be taken,
 rides to be taken,
and one last long drive before Momma did not want 
to be far from home again until a new baby had come.
A month later...we've had stories that I've neglected to tell.

I'll try to be better!  :-)

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