Sunday, September 02, 2012

Summer coming to an end?

 So I d reamed of snakes, catepillars, bugs, 
and all sorts of creepy-crawley things last night.
The last two nights I have watched Owen,
up to his knees in muck,
searching for and chasing...
 anything that moves!
Friday I picked up him and his friend for an adventure together!

 What would be disgusting to many,
doesn't bother Owen...
 Gabby is not so sure!
Once again, Gabby and I were the ones to almost step on a snake last night.
Owen ran over and tried to catch it...
but it was fast!
He nearly cried when it slithered and shot into the water!
 Owen was so excited to show his friend all his favorite places
It was a disappointment to not find anything at the dam...
well, anything creepy and crawly!  
 Gabby is not into bugs, but she can find a place to dance
or walk on the "balance beam" anywhere.
She finds a log that has a bounce to it and calls it a trampoline too!
 It's the tree with eyes!
 The beaver island!
 Bug containers in hand,
but nothing to find!...
Oh well,
always a new adventure tomorrow...
or today!

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