Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Not Tight!"

 This outfit had none of my influence on it!
My daughter was proud to pick out a "boy shirt" from her closet.
Thank you Auntie Lori!  :-)

 Gabby is my optimist, my singer, my giggler.
Tonight she made me laugh outloud.
I tucked her in and said, "sleep tight!"
She said, "I can't sleep tight...not tight."
So literal too.
 Family Outing for this beautiful fall weekend?
 The pumpkin patch!
Equipped with a corn pit, bouncy pumpkin, corn maze, 
animals to feed, and pumpkins that needed pickin'!
 Oh yeah, and a cute tractor and wagon made out of all wood!
 And family time!

Too much fun!

The Kids have been playing well together;
playing more than fighting, that is.  :-)

Last week I was getting ready for school.
The kids were making so much noise...
I had to get some of it on video.
Is it true?  The more the mess, the more the fun?
I have to let it be...most days!

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