Friday, March 23, 2012

More Spring Break Fun...

We were looking for something fun to do one of the days that we have not done before...
museums, attractions of some sort...
we chose MOA!
Owen had not been there since he was a baby and Gabby never had been!
Owen was too busy to take it all in to be able to make clear decisions 
about what he wanted to we rode the Ferris wheel!
I was probably more scared than Gabby!

Owen did like it!
Then he tried the bumper cars...but,
you get a bunch of 4-6 year olds in cars 
that only move when you turn the wheel far to the left or right 
and then get stuck when they bump together,
it made for a very short ride.
Live and Learn!

The impetus for our trip was that I got a free membership 
to the Aquarium Sea Life on the lower level...

We actually did that first so we didn't have to be there with lots of people.
It was a good one was there!
We had the place to ourselves and soon enough, 
Gabby let me put her down.

She kept saying, "Don't let the fishies get me!"

She'd come back to make sure it was still ok...
It was so neat being so close though!

It wasn't very big...
but just enough!

There's even a new rain forest exhibit.
Not everything was there, but there were poison dart frogs!

Owen's favorite:  sticky toads!
and then...what's a better way to end the day...

Chocolate all over the place!

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MaryM said...

Chocolate! perfect ending to a perfect day.