Monday, March 05, 2012

Field Trips!

Owen gets to go on field trips regularly through the year...
and I got to go on a quick one!
The Dam is one of Owen's favorite places...
We've gone there together before.
 The naturalist talked all about vertebrates, 
warm and cold-blooded characteristics, 
reptiles & amphibians...I learned so much!  :-)
 It was a last minute plan and possibility that I was able to go.
Nothing happens by accident!
I've been to the classroom a few times,
had lunch with Owen one time,
helped with Christmas and Valentine's Day parties,
and now I've been on this trip.
It is so fun having the kids know my name and 
want to hug me when I come to visit.
To be 5 again!  :-)

 Gabby got to go on a "field trip" as well!  
Daddy took a day off work and
 took his princess to see Disney on Ice downtown.  
What a day!
 Daddy bought her a princess purse, princess ice cream...
 They got there nice and early...
 Her favorites?  Mickey and Cinderella!
And then, true to form, 
she fell asleep with about a half hour left of the show.
So much to take in! 
Memories...if these times are forgotten in the mind, 
I hope pictures help tell the stories!

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