Saturday, March 17, 2012


Of course I wanted to organize my house a bit, 
paint the laundry room, 
maybe do some sewing over my spring break, but instead...

We had play dates, 
jumped on the NEW trampoline, 
went to the park,

 played in the yard, had a couple fires in the fire pit (already!!),
opened the windows every day, swept the deck,
 painted the driveway, played on the swing set here and at friends' house,
played games, ran around, had more friends over,
trimmed the bushes,
 had s'mores, ate outside, walked around barefoot, 
got dirty enough to have a bath "4 nights in a row, Mom!"
Love it!
Sad to say "Spring Break" is just about over, but it has not gone too fast!
What a blessing to have thoroughly enjoyed it!

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The Canadian said...

I hear ya about good intentions of "getting stuff done." I've had a year at home with Ryder (it is almost over now) and I have not accomplished much, house wise...but boy did I cherish every minute I had to love that little boy of mine!!! :) No regrets!