Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm proud!
Gabby has begun swimming lessons and did a "bob" today!
Okay, so the teacher was the one who "bobbed" her, but she still did it!
We've got to start somewhere!

 Toys help...good distraction!
 She tests the waters and trusts completely.
Today she ran...or waddled quite her teacher.
I smiled.

And then there's Owen.
I was not sure how long he would have to work on this glide and float thing, which I think is harder than actually gliding and kicking!
\But, today, he passed level 2!

He got to ring the gong and move to Level 3.
He now gets to work on gliding and kicking, which I think he'll pass next week!
I smile.
So proud now.

(Get this mental picture:  when I saw he was doing it all by himself and that he was going to pass, I smacked Roger on the arm and said, quite loudly, "He did it!  Holy Cow!")

I think about the journey it's been...
Owen...does he look like he's enjoying himself?????
So proud.
Owen...9 months in Florida...having fun????
My kid.  The one who freaked out last summer and cried when I said it was time for Swimming lessons--you see, his teacher, "made [him] get his face wet!".  The one who would not let me hold him in the water since he was one because he was afraid I would go to the deep end.  He was afraid I would drop him or something.  I tell ya, I am so excited... and proud that my boy can swim.  Not so confidently as to go to the real deep end, but still, gliding and kicking is a long way from his spazzing when he got splashed or a cup poured over him in teh bath!  :-)
Owen with Gramma Momma the week Gabby was born.
I smile.

Owen and Gabby...was this post bath?  no wet hair? hmmm
 This was one lesson I had to learn about how I am not in control.
I have religiously made water not a big deal and tried to make it a pleasant experience.
I took him swimming from the time he was old enough to go to the public pool with me.
I held him and was patient.
He got a bit braver every year...
the sprinkler even became fun last summer...
I did not punish him or shame him when he did not want to go under or get his face wet.
I am a fish.  I don't remember not loving the water.
These years with Owen were tough on me.
What a big boy!
But I also am a believer that being safe and confident in the water is a life skill.
It's not a contest.
It's not by my doing but my persistence.
I would not give up.
I would not let him give up.
I refused to say, "Oh, he doesn't like it so I won't make him."
This is a boy who sets his mind to something then does it... he cut his own hair right before Christmas!
I was gentle.  I was patient. 
I am not in control of every choice.
What else will I want so badly for my children that I cannot make them want for themselves?

How much can a razor fix???
 What will he do or not want to do????
next year?
Middle school?


I know parents all have expectations and dreams and wishes...
What will I tell myself in 20 years?
What will I wish I told myself 20 years ago?
Only God knows.
Good thing God is good!
Always good...

"'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the LORD, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future...'" Jeremiah 29:11

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