Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The things we teach our children...
and the things they learn on their own...

I am thankful that I was raised to value education, learning, literacy,...just to have and love books and language!Roger was reading Owen a few books the other day and became a bit tired. So, Roger suggested to Owen that they could do something different like play "Candyland Bingo"...or some other game.
Owen just said, "well...maybe just a couple more."
so...they read a couple more.
I know we are blessed and very rich to have so many books in our home.

Preschool...what to do...I am not striving for my kids to be the smartest or to get into the gifted classes or to get the highest test scores, but it amazes me everyday how much kids are like sponges! The more information you give, the more they soak up!
Owen has gotten a bit of preschool curriculum at daycare, but he already is talking about kindergarten! So we are looking into preschools for next year.

What to look for, where to go, what will work with our family, what is best for Owen...
That is our prayer these days. When I was choosing a college, a wise friend told me that "education is an investment". Well then...preschool is the start to an education...isn't that quite an investment to consider?

Making pudding is just connection whatsoever! :-)

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