Saturday, April 17, 2010

Baby Feet...what a blessing!

I just had to share our latest praise:

Our kids have always been early-risers. It's in their blood. When family comes to stay with us, they know they will be lucky if they get to sleep in to 7:00 a.m. I am lucky if I get to sleep until 6:30 on weekends. So...after a rough week of testing and parent concerns at work, busy with the ins and outs of life at home, and a few late nights because I was working on a project...I needed some sleep badly! I was woken in the night by both kids last night, but perhaps that was a good thing because the next thing I clock read 7:55!

Ok...that's not a life and death situation or a journey through a difficult trial but, hey, God's blessings are not always huge signs posted on the speeding highway of life after a life-threatening crash. Sometimes it is the cool breeze of the morning, enjoying a cup of coffee, being able to have a conversation with and holding someone you love (yes, dogs count...Taz, Ponch, Diego,Caleb...Sasha isn't really a dog...).

Other blessings?
  • Roger's business is going well...and...he is enjoying it!
  • Our love...that's a blessing...I love him more now than any time in the last 5 years. A pastor mentioned in a sermon a few weeks ago that we only have a enough love to get us to the alter. And that the day we get married is not the most you will ever love one another. I agree. When we got married, we had NO idea what we were getting into! Wow, that's an understatement!
  • And now...being lucky enough to be together is one of our biggest blessings
(disclaimer: I know we have just begun and there are SO many more trials to come, but I am not going to sit and wait for those to come and pass...those trials may become our next big blessing...)
  • our health: why is it we insist on finding something to complain about or get us down because we do not have it? I am so guilty of this. Especially when sitting around the lunch table with a bunch of teachers (or any co-worker?)..
  • creation: We were all created different. Not better or worse than the next. My difference could be a "disability" or it could be my personality. It could be what I want out of life or what I enjoy doing. My difference could be what I wear or what I drive or the house I choose/have to live in. My difference could be the way I raise my children or what my children's choices are. Goals, dreams...or lack there-of...those could be my difference. Different is okay. Different is God's creation...look at flowers, snowflakes, blades of grass, tree branches, pebbles, grains of sand (ok, so I have not really analyzed grains of sand, but you get the picture...) God's glory and creation (afterall, I did nothing to have been born who I am) is that revealed in my differences?
Realizing that will by my blessing today...

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MaryM said...

What a great testimony we have seen in your lives and love for each other and for your little ones! We are thankful for all God continues to do in you and through you! Thanks for sharing. BTW,sleep is truly something for which to be thankful! I know! Love you!