Thursday, November 12, 2009

Last week Auntie Emmy came into town to work...and to play! We had a great time story is told in the last picture below: we stopped at a consignment shop so I could sell some kid stuff. I said we could go to lunch and come back later. Auntie Emmy said, "how 'bout we brouse." um...won't say what she spent, but I will tell you there was some spoiling going on. So, the day after she left I had Owen wear one of the shirts she found for him. He decided to dress it up with some beads and a cheesy grin...and yes, those are drumsticks in his pants.

Gabby didn't mind the hugging and squeezing and spoiling either!

Thank you auntie Emmy!

I will clarify...all these clothes were for not only MY two kids, but Elodie was the most spoiled of all. It WAS her birthday, afterall! Hope you had a happy birthday little Elodie!

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jewels said...

did anyone notice how much Em looks like Lori in the photo with her hair up? Now, no one can say that Lor has her own look! I love that we could all pass for one of the others at certain moments in our lives...Thank you Auntie Em for all of Elodie's new clothes...they are absolutely beautiful!!!!!