Monday, November 23, 2009

I love to sew...well...I don't get much of a chance to do it. Here, I was trying to pin an edge to iron it down before sewing...I have been working on this one project for a month now and all I've managed to do the edges (it took about two hours tonight)...perhaps I will get to sew it in the next month! :-)
I cannot complain though...I cannot think anything is more important, more precious, more imminent, more adoring, more demanding...
more fun!
It is so hard for me to start a project that I can't finish in one sitting so I will say that is the biggest struggle when trying to manage my time. That is why my house is not clean too often. That's why I am stuck doing laundry all week. That's why my car is still full of crumbs (Owen reminded me again today...I asked him who put the crumbs there...after all, they are ALL under his feet!)
But...I survive and life goes on.

We visited a different church on Sunday. The guy who spoke was older (reminded me of what Moses much have looked like after meeting God on Mount Sinai) and not the normal pastor. He spoke on Elijah. Actually, read his outline. I make it sound tough to sit through, but as I doodled (that's how I pay attention), I got something amazing from it...

Elijah was able to show the people God through sacrifice. Literally.
He challenged them to pray to their god to ignite the alter. Baal failed. Elijah called on the living God after dousing the alter with water. God burned it all, even the water. Elijah made the people see God and know they want Him in their lives. They believed.

I may not offer up burnt offerings, but I have to ask myself: do people see God in my life through the way I believe, call on God, sacrifice (try to do without), mother, teach, love, serve...and if they do, does that make people want God in their lives? know he can do anything? I am such a work in progress.

Try explaining Faith to a three year old. I'm trying: believing in something you can't see.

"But, mom, where is God?"

"Everywhere, honey. Everywhere. He can even live inside you to help you be kind and patient and gentle and loving...God even helps your momma do the same thing...she sure needs a lot of help some days."

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MaryM said...

Sweet pix, Rachel. I know you will find exactly the church that your little family needs. And good teaching will be a big part of that!