Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lots of change...
I cannot help thinking of how things have changed in the past year...
A year ago Vikings fans were once again boasting hope of a new season and hoping for more wins than losses. A year ago we moved to a new home and left our townhome on the other side of the river. A year ago we found out we were going to have a little girl. A year ago we found out our good friends were going to have a baby too.
Now, one year later, the Vikings have Brett Favre and a new-found hope of a Superbowl, of all things, and our little girl has a BFF. I don't know about the odds of the Superbowl (as Lori has been quoted saying, "you can have the old fart!"), but it sure is fun that this is how Roger and Mike will be watching Vikings games this year! :-) Hey, Julie, want to go get some coffee???
I will say this for the record: I am a Brett Favre fan...he is so entertaining to watch and you can tell he loves the game. He is an amazing athlete...even at 39 or 40 (whatever his age!). I hope I can be doing half as much in another ten years...ok maybe not getting tackled by a half ton defensive line but something along the lines of being able to run and jump with my kids! :-)

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