Saturday, August 08, 2009

I took these before I left on vacation...they are now livin' it up at Camp Grampa in WI! We are having a great time relaxing, sunning, and doing all those things we've done without for quite some time: sleeping, eating cheese & ice cream, drinking coffee and other fun stuff, staying up late and sleeping in, taking naps, reading (almost done with Harry Potter #6!), etc...
Tonight we go to Kenny Chesney! Whoo hoo!
Gramma Mama and Grampa Phil are just as busy...actually, more busy!
They've already played by the pool, dug in the sandbox, had camp fires, rented movies, had popcorn night, invited friends over to play, gone to the zoo, had picnics, and much more! I'm sure you can read all about it when Gramma momma has rested enough to post pictures on her blog! :-) Thanks mom and dad!
Gabby and Owen doing their own thing at the park! both barefoot...gabby's first time eating sand! :-)

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