Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A few days with Gramma and Grampa (aka "crappa") no particular order!
On the way back up to MN we stopped at a wayside so Owen could run around...

In motion...MOMMA, MOMMA, MOMMA!

The Milwaukee Zoo is always a favorite destination when we travel to Gramma's and Grampa's. Owen's "swimming" cousins came to see us there...and the bears put on a show!

We rode the little train around the of Owen's favorites! When we were done, he was reluctant to leave because he wanted to go again!

It did sprinkle on us for a bit, and there were times that Owen was more interested in the construction site...too funny...

Grampa helped him peek through the fence...

Owen loved carrying his own umbrella!

The main reason for the trip was to see Auntie Emmy! She did as much squeezing, cuddling, hugging, and loving that one auntie could possibly do...we miss you Auntie Emmy!

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