Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23rd...my precious little girl is 6 months old!
Gabby is giggling at everything so she has a tendancy to make people feel really good about themselves and wrap mommies and daddies and grammas and grampas around her little finger. She wants to reach out and grab things like the skin fold in your neck or stroke your cheek like she wants a kiss. Her sweet temperament will have many fall in love with her. Oh, she is a beauty! Her latest nickname (from Gramma momma) is "Pinky". Butterball and all those other ones never stuck like "Pinky." Okay, so we call her Gabs and Gabby and Babe (with an emphasis on the e as Owen does). When it was just Owen, I didn't know how I was going to spread my love to another. It is not tough...Gabby is truly a gift from God...blessing upon blessing she is! Sovereign God is always good and always knows what He is doing. It is hard to ask for suffering, but that is when we really have to have faith that He is weaving an intricate plan to show Himself to us. Thank God for bringing me on this journey!

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