Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Owen's 3rd Birthday has come and gone, but we took time to celebrate!
The week before Owen's birthday we had a party for him with family and enjoyed good food and fun.
Owen is enjoying his new wagon that Grampa gave him and helped him put it together
I helped Owen rip into some really nice gifts! A favorite? The teeball set was a hit...literally. He's been launching balls over our heads ever since! He got some cute clothes and adorable books too! I can't wait til he is big enough to use the golf clubs he got too!
Owen got sloppy with sloppy joes and his cousins. top it all off?! Roger found him a CARS cake! And...he got to keep the cars for his collection too!
Three years old! Wow! I will say there is such a difference between 2 and 3...I think he is going to grow up so fast! He has always been very intense and I am not seeing that changing any time soon. I do see another similarity between Owen and Rog...when Rog was little, he was so shy around new people (I've been told he would cry when people would come up and talk to him at church). Owen clings and hides behind me when he meets someone new. But...Roger has grown to be quite an extrovert and very outgoing...he'll talk to anybody! So, I'll let Owen hide for now as he learns to meet and greet, but I have no worries about his development into a nice, friendly, wonderful boy!

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