Friday, March 27, 2009

HAVING FUN WITH OWEN...What a character! wearing my boots, and yes, no pants. What a surprise!The other day he "built" a "nest" out of couch pillows. He pulled in two blankets, a few toys, and then started "reading" a book to Bear ( his little brown bear). He is playing pretend and imagining things lots lately.
He cracks me up when he says with all seriousness...
"Are you hungry?"
"Pigs don't fly!"
"I can't find it anywhere."
"Are there treats in there?"
"What's in there?...Let me see."
"There's crumbs needs to vacuum/sweep."

He's a little boy...curious, silly, loud, busy, testing, loving, dirty, hungry, messy, active, hitting, banging sticks on something, hugging/smooshing baby sister, pantless, pushing...need I say more? ( I can...really, I can...)

Gabby was napping. Owen woke up. I was playing with my camera...he wanted to play too...

Owen's pouty face...

Owen's "serious" face...

"See my gum?! Red gum!"

his latest: he closes his eyes and says, "don't wake me up!"

attempt at making a silly face.
I return to work in one week. :-(
I sure hope I indulged and enjoyed these 15 weeks at home...yes, 15 weeks for a 12-week leave of absence? Can't beat that! Just two months to teach (4th quarter) and then I get summer break! Yes, I love being a teacher!

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MaryM said...

I love how much you managed to squeeze into your time off! ...and there's more fun to come I just know it! Enjoy.