Monday, January 19, 2009

The Birthday celebrations continue! Rog invited a few of my closest friends to come join us out for an evening in Uptown at Chino Latinos...a great night-spot, good eats, and fun times...

An attempt at most of the gang...minus the ones taking the picture...
John came solo, but he just got engaged last week! Another wedding in our future! Yippee!

No words to describe these two...oh wait, fun! :-)

Jenn...what a sweetheart! She came to celebrate with me after a 12 hour shift in the ER. Thanks hon!

Kate and Jenn...and me smooshed! :-)

Mike and Julie! Thanks for coming out and sacrificing precious sleep...especially when you are trying to rack up on the sleep before the baby comes in May!

Kate and Aaron...such busy lives and also sacrificing sleep for me. Thanks for coming and I hope you had fun!

Teachers...can you tell? So fun...and you got to sleep in on Monday too so I know you are not hurting today!
I plan to keep celebrating so be ready to keep up with me! :-)

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jewels said...

yes! we are going to celebrate while you are hear, too!