Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's been two weeks and Owen has not asked when Gabriella was "going back." He seems to be adjusting well and continuing to have lots of fun. Thanks to everyone who pays plenty of attention to him before going ga-ga over Gabby. :-)
Gramma Momma and Auntie Emmy (not pictured) both took Owen swimming when they were here for an extended stay. What fun!

Still lots of love...he wants to hold and kiss her all the time. I had to convince him today that he could not pick her up out of the swing...that could have been disastrous!

When he's done holding her...he's done. We have to be there to "catch" her. :-) don't worry! he never is alone with her or holding her on his own...just don't tell him that! :-)
Roger has been wonderful to spend so much quality time with the little guy. One of their favorite things is to read books "on their bellies." My sister just had to take this picture.

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